Arjana Claudia BrunschwillerTake a drop of water. If you know how to listen to it, it will tell you about the earth, the sea and the sky…
At the age of 26, during my first session underwater, I discovered the beauty and power of water. I felt nourished and enlivened by this fluid, which was enveloping me on all sides and which seemed to resonate with the sources of living water flowing into the depths of my being. The pores of my soul seemed to open and absorb all the richness offered by this element.
It was a key moment in my life and the beginning of my work with the element of the feminine principle.
To this day, I have been trying to understand and integrate what is water in its very nature: smooth, transparent, but also an elemental force.

Historical background

  • 1987: The Story of WATA® (WasserTanzen) begins in Switzerland. Aman P. Schröter (psychologist graduated SSP- FSP) and Arjana C. Brunschwiler initiate this method.
  • 1992: Arjana imports WATSU® in Switzerland.
  • 1993: Both these pioneering aquatic bodywork techniques are meeting. The IAKA (Institut für Aquatische Körperarbeit – School for WATSU® and WATA® training) is founded in Switzerland.
  • 1996: Arjana imports WATSU® in Belgium.
  • 1992-2004: Director of and teacher at IAKA.



  • 1985-2004: Various trainings in bodywork and energy techniques (Shiatsu, Tantsu, Rebalancing, Reiki, Energy Healing, Therapeutic Massage, Jahara Technique, Energy Mastery School USA).
  • 2007-2008: Training in Natural Systemic Therapy (Planoalto Swiss Institute) and Shamanism in Italy.
  • 2009: Training for adult education (federal certificate SVEB Switzerland).
  • 2009: Feminine Yoga (according to the Hormone Yoga Therapy by Dinah Rodrigues, Brazil).
  • 2010: Training in perineology (therapeutic certificate for women’s pelvic floor) in Switzerland.
  • 2010-2011: Training in Hatha Yoga Yoga at the Yandara Institute in Mexico (certified by the Yoga Alliance USA and Europe).