WATSU & WATA in nature

Practicing WATSU® and WATA® in Nature

Watsu en mer 2008WATSU® and WATA® are usually practiced in a pool with calm unsalted water…
Practicing in a beautiful lagoon, in your depth, in the middle of the Red Sea, without further mark than the horizon, surrounded by a beautiful coral reef, is a truly fabulous experience.
Although the wind and wavelets can sometimes complicate things a little, seawater is alive and above all filled with the presence of the dolphins that have been living there forever.
Imagine! Not only are you carried by the arms of the giver, but also by those of the great mother sea in a sunset atmosphere… Magic!
In the context of our trip, and depending on weather conditions, the goal is to allow everyone to experience the bases of these techniques and how to better live the inner encounter with dolphins through this work. Each participant will be able to feel the joy of giving and receiving in a magical aquatic environment.

Meditation and work on oneself

Bateau en mer

Besides encounters with dolphin and aquatic relaxation, few workshops are offered on the boat deck, which beautifully complement the work in the water. The choice of workshops will depend on the group’s energy and the participants’ desires.
Amongst these workshops, we will offer meditations, yoga classes, massage techniques, as well as talking circles to exchange and share the emotions felt.