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Workshops for women

There are subjects in our lives about which we primarily need female support – to be able to go together in a new direction on the way to the development of our woman’s being.

We can only know female fullness by drawing from the inexhaustible source of wealth that lies within each being. It is what makes us able to be enthusiastic and warm, to accept willingly to be accessible to others, while remaining centered and respectful of ourselves and taking a step back every time it is necessary.

bloubi bouddha lady

I organise stays for women about femininity.

Whether it be evenings (Yoga for women), week-ends (Awakening & Healing of the Feminine) or entire weeks in beautiful environments (Aphrodite: Embodying divine pleasure in Bali), the goal is always to regenerate in a respectful and appreciative atmosphere. Honouring the being that we are is a support for the sound nature, respect and self-esteem.

Feeling good about yourself is the ultimate wealth and it begins where we are, with a very large dose of self-love.