Aquatic Bodywork (Interview)

Interview in 2013

WATSU® and WATA® are two aquatic well-being techniques for therapeutic purpose, which bring deep relaxation and letting go of body and mind.

AQUATIC BODYWORK allows making a link between water and shiatsu, massage, stretching and breath work, be it above or under water. It is very beneficial as it dissolves physical and mental tensions. Thus one can access a deep inner calm, which often remains for few days.Age does not matter.

AQUATIC BODYWORK is suitable for everyone, young and older people, whether they suffer from physical pain or not. As a therapy or to relieve daily stress, it helps to relax, enjoy and get closer to oneself each time a little bit more.Letting oneself be carried, stretched and massaged in weightlessness by the practitioner’s reassuring arms and expert hands is a unique experience, a real trip!


1. At the physical level

Human beings feel more comfortable in temperate water. The ideal temperature is around 35°C since the activated metabolism gives a little bit of heat to water. This temperature allows experiencing optimal relaxation.
WATSU® and WATA® have a very relaxing effect on the body: on the one hand, thanks to water temperature, and on the other hand, thanks to its soft resistance. In water, body weight is reduced by 70 to 80%. This allows the practitioner to carry effortlessly over-weight people or people with reduced mobility (i.e. restricted in their movements).
Besides the relaxing effect of AQUATIC BODYWORK, it helps reducing pains of various origins, relieves the spine, amplifies movements, relaxes muscles, and mobilises joints. Breathing deepens; stress, fears and blockages can be released.

AQUATIC BODYWORK enables pregnant women to become aware of their bodies, to release tensions and to establish contact with their foetus gently.

2. At the psychic level:

Apart from few rare contraindications, such as acute psychosis, AQUATIC BODYWORK is ideal for those looking for an aquatic therapy essentially oriented towards personal development.

Through AQUATIC BODYWORK, many answers come from silence. Former patterns of behaviour can be dissolved by the relaxation provided while being in warm water and while being cradled in the practitioner’s arms. AQUATIC BODYWORK essentially provides a form of meditative relaxation, while providing psychological wellbeing, health and mental regeneration.

AQUATIC BODYWORK is a wonderful way to prevent daily stress. It offers a beneficial support in case of sleep disorders, burnout, mobbing and other pathogenic environmental conditions.

Recipients appreciate this moment of surrender, pleasure and release from daily routine. Some may be tired of therapies or “overtreatment” and are happy to let go of non-verbal expression, without having to explain their experience afterwards. They appreciate being able to close their eyes, to let go, surrender to pleasure, relaxation, and to recharge their batteries.

AQUATIC BODYWORK can also be a therapy aimed at personal development. Many people, because of their history, are lacking trust, love, serenity and inner peace. Children already suffering from these symptoms at a young age will tend to become adults full of anxieties, addictions and obsessions. Letting go of control can be difficult for these people. In a pleasantly warm water, letting go gets smooth and confidence increases from session to session. Physical relaxation induces mental relaxation. When this level is reached, spiritual relaxation appears. AQUATIC BODYWORK offers an ideal means to restore harmony between body, mind and soul.