Arjana flow blur

After more than 20 years of practice and teaching of WATSU® and WATA®, today Arjana enters a new stage in her career marked by a call to share the essence of the healing power of water.

This new chapter is called FLOW, a holistic therapeutic approach proposed by Arjana and Jan Janssen, combining both work on land and in water, and aiming at raising our consciousness and healing our body and mind. FLOW allows a deep inner journey where harmony, peace and joy are the keywords, and where brakes, fears and limiting patterns are lifted. Then it becomes possible to reach our full potential, to connect with our inner being, to contact the One…

More than that, “being in the FLOW” is about consenting to becoming “liquid”, fluid and flexible in one’s approach to follow the movement of life, energies, emotions, and all physical and psychic experiences. It is a dance with energies, with the elements of life that come to everyone every time. Becoming one with the moment, with oneself, in the present moment. Becoming one with the other, listening to oneself and the other, in order to feel what is right in the moment.

FLOW requires both to develop self-alignment, vertically, and at the same time openness to the other, horizontally. It is a work of the heart, love, unity, but also sometimes of  resistance, confrontation… always with harmony and self-respect.

Jan flow no textArjana and Jan’s meeting was like an initiation for them. Arjana, water fairy embodying sweetness, grace and a rare presence, guided all the people she worked with to feel the healing power of water. Jan, guiding light whose work on “subtle energies” and grounding allowed each person to discover the essence of being and to gain a more harmonious and balanced health, with themselves, the others, and the world around them. The combination of Arjana and Jan’s knowledge, sensitivities and experiences on land and in water, gave birth to FLOW:

A practice of the art of aquatic touch and of the art of being in the present moment…

FLOW cannot be defined in words. It is a poetry of consciousness that is transmitted from heart to heart and from body to body.