WATSU & WATA (video)

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What is WATSU® ?

WATSU® is the abbreviation for “Water Shiatsu”. It is a deep relaxation technique based on zen shiatsu and developed since the 1980s. Very efficient and polyvalent, the method makes good use of the healing and beneficial properties of warm water (35°C).

The origins

The history of WATSU® began in 1980 at Harbin Hot Springs, California, where Harold Dull, the initiator of the method, lives and teaches. He developed an artistic combination of Zen Shiatsu with movements in warm water. Harold Dull uses the words “harmony of the heart” to describe the feeling that comes from breathing in unison with the person treated during a WATSU® session. American scientists are currently investigating why so many people around the world are touched by WATSU®. In 1992, Arjana C. Brunschwiler imported WATSU® in Switzerland, and in Belgium in 1996.


WATA® is the abbreviation of the German “WasserTanzen” (aquatic dance). WATA® is a technique in which the recipient (wearing a nose clip) is gradually led to holding their breath (apnea) underwater in a three-dimensional gravity.

WATA1The origins

Irrespective of WATSU®, the Swiss Arjana Brunschwiler Swiss Claudia and Aman Peter Schröter developed WATA® in 1987. It is an advanced technique for people already familiar with WATSU®. Arjana and Aman compare WATA® movements with those of classical ballet, Aikido (Japanese martial art), dolphins swim, and even sometimes with the rocking of the foetus in the womb – always evoking a dancing and even playful element. In 1992, Arjana imported WATA® to the USA, and in 1996 to Belgium. (more information here)

Carried by water (French, English or German version)

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