Dolphin Trips (photos)

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8-day cruise in the Red Sea

In a lagoon of turquoise and shallow waters, few miles from a desert of arid mountains in the South of Egypt, come and discover several groups of long-snouted dolphins (Stenella Longirostris !).

An adventure full of discovery…

… and wonders, on the way to your wellbeing and to yourself! This unique journey will focus on different themes:

  • Discovery of wild dolphins in respect of the species visited.
  • Practice of aquatic relaxation using WATSU® and WATA® techniques, in a natural environment, and in warm and living waters.
  • Participation in various workshops on the deck of the boat, in addition to the work in water.


Frédéric Chotard

Frédéric Chotard

I had the pleasure to meet Frédéric in May 2008. I was fascinated by his respectful approach with the dolphins and the beauty of his project in an idyllic lagoon. I am honoured to participate in these so wonderful and touching events.
Frédéric has been practicing apnoea with wild dolphins since 1993. With a instructor’s certificate in hand, he co-created in 1993 in Florida the “Human Dolphin Institute”, a study centre on the relationship between men and dolphins. Then he travels the world in search of new sites and creates in 2003 “Sea Dolphin”, an organisation dedicated to meeting free-roaming cetaceans. In 2003, he discovers in Egypt the site of the dolphins he became expert of. Since then, he supervises about 7 trips per year.

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